Cannabis Investments Colombia


Licenses (THC, CBD, Lab Extraction)

Currently three types of licenses can still be applied for in Colombia’s cannabis industry. THC cultivating license, CBD cultivating license and fabrication of derivatives (Extraction license). Weather its applying or purchasing existing licenses, our knowledgeable team will facilitate the process.

Land Acquisition

Purchasing a property in a different country requires the proper representation to guide you thru the process. At CIC we work with real estate brokers and private individuals to find the appropriate land for our clients. We also understand zoning and land requirements that are needed to operate a legal cannabis operation. Our legal team specializes in this area.  


There is a lot that goes into the planning and development of a proper cannabis operation. There are also protocols that must be taken into consideration when developing a legal cannabis operation. We have a group of experienced engineers and contractors that can provide adequate development without excess costs.

Legal Services

A proper operation needs a proper legal team. Our legal team specializes in the cannabis industry in Colombia. Specializing in contracts, real estate, International affairs and making sure everything is in order.

Certifications (GMP, BPA)

Certain certifications are needed in order to sell plant material to an external market. Countries will demand certain certifications that guarantee the product is to their standards. We have the proper team to consult you thru the registration process for different types of certifications.

Property Management

An important issue in the cannabis industry in Colombia is that many new properties are not properly managed. At CIC we have the experience to advise and properly manage a cannabis property.


We have been testing high quality organic fertilizers for the past 5 years. We have the formulas that increase yields, prevent disease and control insects.