Cannabis Investments Colombia

Cannabis Investments Colombia

We provide consulting services to individuals or companies that are interested in investing in the cannabis industry in Colombia. Our expert teams will manage the process of acquiring licenses to setting up a complete turnkey cannabis business in Colombia.

It’s our business to mind your business

We are committed to the cannabis industry in Colombia and understand the industries every vantage point.

With our experience in the recreational and medical marijuana marketplace, our team of cannabis consultants have seen every aspect of the industry and how it is changing by the day. We work with you to understand your vision, strategies, and objectives—then help you put together a plan to achieve success. 

Why Colombia is Favorable for cannabis Investing?

  • Optimal Year Round Temperatures and Lighting
  • Low Labor Wages and Plenty of Well Educated Laborers 
  • Lower Electricity Expenses compared to US or Canada
  • Most Land Available with Natural Springs or Well Water
  • Environment allows for more than 3 crops per year
  • Export to over 20 Countries as well as internal Sales
  • Colombia is Strategically Placed having Access to both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
  • Colombia is becoming the biggest Exporter of Cannabis to the World 

New to the cannabis industry ?

We provide consulting services to individuals and companies interested in excelling in the medical cannabis industry. We work hand-in-hand with our clients through their legal, financial and technical journey, helping them overcome the hurdles faced throughout the set-up process, assisting them in building best business practices, protocols and management systems. Our consulting and business planning experience will help you explore and discover your most viable path forward within the cannabis industry.

Already an expert ?

We help expand cannabis-based businesses and navigate thru the process of adapting to the Latin American markets. We have experts in the legal framework and compliance required to acquire licensing, permits, genetics and product registrations. We provide M&A consultancy, technical services, GAP, GMP certification advisory, derivatives trading and much more. However, our main specialty at Cannabis Investments Colombia (CIC) is our ability to develop custom strategies that best serve your business needs and goals.

Property Acquisition

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Legal Services

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Certifications for Export

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The art and science behind our proven cannabis consulting

Our team of cannabis consultants becomes an extension of your team, as we all work toward building your uniquely branded organization.

Operating a business in a foreign country is complicated. Operating an industry that has been recently legalized will have its hoops and hurdles. We will guide you thru the whole process with Integrity and transparency. 

About Us

Cannabis Investments Colombia is a consultancy firm that specializes in providing individuals and companies with proper direction in the cannabis industry in Colombia. We believe in honest and transparent interactions while providing vital information beneficial to the success of our clients. 

The only thing we’re more passionate about than cannabis is solving business problems. From day one, our team of experts were developed specifically to cover Cannabis Cultivation, Legalization, and Infrastructure. This industry-native perspective is what our customers love.

Our Mission

Offer guidance in the Colombian medicinal cannabis regulatory environment for local and international clients through expert, professional and reliable services

Our Vision

To become the trusted advisory partner for local and international clients in the Colombian medicinal cannabis industry by offering full-round, high-quality insights and consultancy services to advice in the optimal decision process for their businesses.

Colombia's Cannabis Business is set for Lift Off!

It is a very interesting time to get involved in Colombia’s Cannabis Industry. Colombia legalized Cannabis and began issuing licenses in 2016. But just recently a decree by the Colombian Government allows the export of flower which will go in affect in 2022. Previously only extracted Cannabis was allowed for export. This opens a huge market for growers who did not have a regulated and authorize lab for extraction. Another opportunity will be when cannabis is legalized recreationally. This will open a whole new market similar to the US where dispensaries are abundant in legalized states. As time passes Government regulations and restrictions will be lifted for users while limiting the ability for new licenses to come into play. Those that will benefit most will be those who are established legally before restrictions come into play.

News & Article

This Blog space is dedicated to providing news and commentary on the ever-changing global cannabis industry. Here you can find relevant news, in-depth analysis from our team of experts and some information about what we are up to around the world.

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